512 shirtSo it has been almost two weeks since I moved to Austin, but I haven’t really seen Austin.

Let me explain. I moved on a Saturday, spend Sunday and Monday unpacking, left to go out-of-town on Tuesday, spent a week at camp, come back this Tuesday, ran errands Wednesday and Thursday, and applied for jobs today. So while I have lived here for two weeks I’ve actually only been here about a week.

So far things have been good. The weather is nice, hot but nice. And I’m looking forward to all the things Austin has to do. I am, however, feeling slightly discouraged on the job hunt. This is the first time I’ve moved somewhere without a job lined up. I’ve applied for a couple dozen jobs with little to no bites. I know something great will come but I’m not always the best when it comes to having patience. (Maybe this is a good time to practice. *eye roll*)

But for now I will focus on the good. I’m going to open a bottle of rosé and enjoy the sunshine on my balcony. Tomorrow I’m going to hang some artwork and maybe go for a long walk.

What are ya’ll doing this weekend?


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