Wedding Weekend

|Wedding Weekend| Sam & Stephanie

S&S programOk, so you know that beautiful wedding where the bride has a gorgeously glamorous dress, and the groom looks epically sharp? Where they get married outside under a tent and the reception is in a beautiful barn with insane chandeliers, and incredible tablescapes. You know, the wedding you see on Pinterest. Well…I WAS THERE!

This weekend I had the honor to attend my long time friend Sam’s wedding to his beautiful bride Stephanie in Katy, Texas. I have known Sam since he was about 3 or 4 years old. Back then he was the obnoxious neighbor boy my brother ran around with and bugged the crap out of me. Not surprisingly he has grown up to be a wonderfully hard-working, caring, intelligent, amazing man. His new wife Stephanie is everything Sam could need or want in a wife; sweet, outgoing, passionate, and tough-as-nails. Tough-as-nails? Yep that’s right, and she needs to be because Sam is a college football coach. I’ve heard it said that the toughest women out there are soldiers, nurses, and coach’s wives. (And I’ve seen it first hand, it’s true.)

The ceremony was performed outside under a white tent with a view of a small pond. At the beginning of the ceremony Sam’s aunts and uncle presented him with a single white rose which he placed inside his jacket pocket next to his heart in memory of his sweet momma, Mrs. Nancy, who is no longer with us. Mr. Leo, the brides father, officiated the wedding. After dispensing his two pieces of advice on marriage the couple constructed a small unity cross. Mr. Leo explained that the two pieces of the cross represented Sam and Stephanie, their roles within their marriage and what they each brought to form their special union.

After the ceremony guests were invited into the barn for a cocktail hour of mini sliders and fish and chips cones. After introducing the wedding party and the bride and groom as a married couple, guest sat down to a delicious buffet style dinner. The wedding cake was an incredible four tiered white and gold creation, where the groom’s cake was a replica of a crawfish pot complete with stand, but lacking a wooden paddle for stirring. The bar area displayed several photos of Sam and Stephanie, their families, and a special tribute to Mrs. Nancy.

As with most wedding receptions there was plenty of drinking, dancing, heartfelt toasts, and plenty of football stories from Sam’s dad, Mr. Phil. The highlights of the night were the buffet table spread of assorted Shipley’s donuts and a surprise appearance by the Josh Abbott Band who played the couple’s first dance song, “She’s Like Texas.”

If you don’t know, JAB is a very well know Texas Country band.

I had a wonderful time celebrating Sam and Stephanie’s wedding and wish them both a lifetime of happiness together. (And hopefully a move to Baton Rouge for Sam to coach at LSU.) Love you both!


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