512 shirtSo it has been almost two weeks since I moved to Austin, but I haven’t really seen Austin.

Let me explain. I moved on a Saturday, spend Sunday and Monday unpacking, left to go out-of-town on Tuesday, spent a week at camp, come back this Tuesday, ran errands Wednesday and Thursday, and applied for jobs today. So while I have lived here for two weeks I’ve actually only been here about a week.

So far things have been good. The weather is nice, hot but nice. And I’m looking forward to all the things Austin has to do. I am, however, feeling slightly discouraged on the job hunt. This is the first time I’ve moved somewhere without a job lined up. I’ve applied for a couple dozen jobs with little to no bites. I know something great will come but I’m not always the best when it comes to having patience. (Maybe this is a good time to practice. *eye roll*)

But for now I will focus on the good. I’m going to open a bottle of rosé and enjoy the sunshine on my balcony. Tomorrow I’m going to hang some artwork and maybe go for a long walk.

What are ya’ll doing this weekend?

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And So It Begins


Last weekend marked the beginning of my packing extravaganza. I have a love/hate relationship with moving. That’s probably why I am exactly one week from my moving date and less than half of my stuff is packed. (whoops)

Ok, so why do I loath packing? Mainly because it takes FOR-EV-ER! (Did you read that like Squints? Ok good!) And even though I am a master of moving box Tetris, the mountain of boxes slowly growing in my dining room drives me crazy.

But despite my hatred of packing there are parts I like and dare I say love? I love that moving gives me the push to clean out the crap I don’t need. Since deciding to move to Austin I’ve clean out my clothes, my shoes, my skin/hair care, and all my makeup. Everything was donated to Goodwill or kids I babysit.

My project for yesterday was my living room chest of drawers and the kitchen junk drawer. The chest of drawers have been cleaned out and surprising fit in to one medium size box. The junk drawer is about half way done and will most likely get dumped into a large ziplock bag and thrown into a box last-minute.

I’ve been floating in a sort of moving limbo this week. Kind of packing but not really. I think it is time to bite the bullet and tackle my biggest project…the kitchen. Or maybe, I’ll just put that off until tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow sounds like a great day to kitchen pack. Ok, fine I’ll do it today. I’ll do it right now.

Ugh, when are they going to come out with the Jetson technology? You know, where you press a button and everything folding up to the size of a Rubik’s cube. Someone let me know when that will be available, thanks. Since that is not available yet, I guess I will just turn my music back on full blast and tackle the rest of my apartment.

Wish me luck!





Harry Styles



(In case you were wondering my packing playlist is Harry Styles’ new album on repeat. Seriously so good, if you haven’t already go get it from iTunes or steam on Spotify.)


Thing Are About to Get Weird


I’m Katherine. I’m at 31-year-old Louisiana native about to move to Austin.

*Cue The Jefferson’s Theme Song*

About this time two years ago I decided to pack up my things move to Houston. A treacherous four-hour drive down I10 from my native Baton Rouge. Ok so maybe treacherous is a bit strong of a word, but if you’ve driven from BR to HOU you know how crappy that drive can be…the Basin Bridge, the Lake Chuck gun bridge, Beaumont…need I say more? If you haven’t made that drive, you’re lucky.

I moved to a city with no friends (mistake 1), to work in an industry I knew nothing about (mistake 2). My first nine months in Houston culminated in me cry on my couch at 1 in the afternoon on the phone to my mom. Normally Jo-Jo would have dispensed the usual mom advice “it’ll get better, don’t give up, be positive.” Instead she told me “just quit.” So simple, so easy, quit. Now to be honest I’ve never quit a job because I hated it. I quit because of a move or because I found another job. But I’ve never quit without a plan. I couldn’t just quit without another option could I? In short, yes I could. Once I let the idea of quitting settle in my brain I felt like I could breath again. It seemed so obvious, so inspired, quit my job. And that’s exactly what I did.

The next morning I walked into my office and…

it was empty.

HA! No one was in yet. I printed my letter of resignation, clear out my desk, left a list of all my logins and passwords, and I waited. After 45 minutes I received and email from my boss stating he would not be in until the afternoon possible the next day. Well that did not work for me, I couldn’t wait. So I quit via email. Yes I know probably not the most professional but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I sent the email to my boss and his assistant, left a copy on his desk and my list on her’s and walked out. I never got a response from him, just phone calls from a few coworkers. I got home that morning, sat down on the couch I had been crying on the day before and breathed a sign of utter relief, I was free. But what to do with this new freedom?

Go to camp!

I called up my friend Katie B (now Katie G), who is in charge of hiring staff for an all girls summer camp here in Texas and asked if I could come back. “Of course!” she practically shouted through the phone. It would be my 8th summer at Waldemar and one of the best.

During my two blissful months at camp I had the privilege of rooming with my long time friend Marisa (MDawg). Marisa and I have known each other since my first summer back in 2009, but only in the last few years have we become close friends. Last summer we both returned to camp in need of refuge, peace, and clarity. In August I returned to Houston and Marisa moved to Austin with the message, “If you ever decided to come to Austin let me know.” That thought lingered in my mind over the fall. Could I? Should I? Move to Austin? And come December I had my answer, YES!

I texted MDawg asking if she need a roommate come summer and I’m pretty sure I could hear her scream all the way in Houston. The plan was set in motion, we found a kick ass apartment, coordinated furniture, and discussed roommate rules. My epic move to Austin is now ONE MONTH away.

Stayed tuned and follow me along my journey as an LA Transplant navigating my way west. Get ready because thing are about to get weird!