Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Little Bumblebee

I have once again join the hopeful masses in the world of online date. With some encouragement from MDawg I have joined Bumble. Pray for me friends!

I suppose it would be best to give you a little run down of my online dating history. I did a little swipe left, swipe right back on the early days of Tinder. It was as scary then as it is now. (Wait…is Tinder still around, or did it go the route of MySpace?) 

Then came the debacle of spring 2014. Many of my friends were testing out and so I jumped on the bandwagon. A ride I will never take again. My first message was from a guy the same age as my dad asking if I liked boating and doggies? No thanks Hugh Hefner wannabe! The second was a “gentleman” lecturing me about how my personal preferences were wrong. Um…what? I went on two dates, obviously not with the two previously mentioned winners. The first was a very thirsty, recent divorced, Arizona transplant who had only been in town 2 months and had already been on 23 dates. The second was so incredibly dull I nearly fell asleep on our coffee date! Apparently my Friday night adventure of concert, Fred’s, and casino was utterly wild to him. (Sidenote: At that time a concert followed by a trip to Fred’s, and then a casino run was a fairly common occurrence for me.) 

After that I took some time away from online dating. Then last spring an acquaintance told me about Hinge. The app used Facebook to connect you to singles you shared Facebook friends with and were within a certain mile radius. While the concept was good, I never really made much of an effort and subsequently deleted the app.

So now here I am, new city, new dating app, new awkward get-to-know-you conversations and potential dates. In an impulsive moment I downloaded the app, selected a couple decent photos, set my radius, and refused to add and about me blurb. I probably should have carefully chosen specific photos, but I didn’t. And maybe my radius is too large, but it’s staying. And not filling in the about me blurb is probably a mistake, but that’s ok. To be honest I suck at dating profile about me blurbs. What do you even say? Ugh, if you like my picture then just swipe right and chat with me. Oh wait you can’t! You can’t because the woman has to send the first message. Gee thanks For that Bumble, because I’m not awkward enough as it is! What to say to a complete stranger, you potential could date, is  more daunting that I ever thought. Hi? Hello? Hey? What does one say? My go to phrase so far has simply been “hi there.” And then the ball is in their court to respond. I’ve had quite a few matches, a couple of conversations, nothing to crazy. However, I’ve only been on the site about six days.

Maybe I’ll meet a nice guy, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life. Who knows, Harry Styles could totally be a Bumble(er/member/bee?) And we could match and chat and fall in love and get married and have beautiful babies and live in London! It could happen. Ok, ok fine, probably not. Alright so totally won’t happen, but a girl can dream right?

Anyways I promise to keep you posted on my adventures back into the world of online dating. Buzz ya later!