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And So It Begins


Last weekend marked the beginning of my packing extravaganza. I have a love/hate relationship with moving. That’s probably why I am exactly one week from my moving date and less than half of my stuff is packed. (whoops)

Ok, so why do I loath packing? Mainly because it takes FOR-EV-ER! (Did you read that like Squints? Ok good!) And even though I am a master of moving box Tetris, the mountain of boxes slowly growing in my dining room drives me crazy.

But despite my hatred of packing there are parts I like and dare I say love? I love that moving gives me the push to clean out the crap I don’t need. Since deciding to move to Austin I’ve clean out my clothes, my shoes, my skin/hair care, and all my makeup. Everything was donated to Goodwill or kids I babysit.

My project for yesterday was my living room chest of drawers and the kitchen junk drawer. The chest of drawers have been cleaned out and surprising fit in to one medium size box. The junk drawer is about half way done and will most likely get dumped into a large ziplock bag and thrown into a box last-minute.

I’ve been floating in a sort of moving limbo this week. Kind of packing but not really. I think it is time to bite the bullet and tackle my biggest project…the kitchen. Or maybe, I’ll just put that off until tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow sounds like a great day to kitchen pack. Ok, fine I’ll do it today. I’ll do it right now.

Ugh, when are they going to come out with the Jetson technology? You know, where you press a button and everything folding up to the size of a Rubik’s cube. Someone let me know when that will be available, thanks. Since that is not available yet, I guess I will just turn my music back on full blast and tackle the rest of my apartment.

Wish me luck!





Harry Styles



(In case you were wondering my packing playlist is Harry Styles’ new album on repeat. Seriously so good, if you haven’t already go get it from iTunes or steam on Spotify.)